Klick Health’s team are some of the best and brightest working in the healthcare marketing space worldwide.

  • Adrian Griggs

    Director, Strategy & Business Development (KLS)

    Adrian joined Klick Learning Strategies in 2013. He successfully combines his creativity with his strong knowledge of industry-leading technology solutions to provide value-added solutions for a wide variety of clients. Prior to joining Klick Learning Solutions, Adrian spent his time at IBM, Skillsoft, Redwood Systems and Infinite Media.

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    Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge

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  • Adriana Munoz-Tayraco

    Social Media Specialist

    Adriana has been helping both startups and established companies in the Health and Technology industries in Canada and the United States embrace and navigate social media as part of an overall digital strategy. At Klick Health, Adriana is now pushing the boundaries to provide clients with the voice they need in a constantly evolving social media space, utilizing her knowledge and experience of social media analytics and metrics tools to generate valuable reports to help guide her client’s next steps. Adriana earned a BA in Administrative Studies, Honours Marketing from York University and a Computer Graphics Design & Layout certificate from Seneca College.

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    Pinterest vs. Instagram for healthcare marketers

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  • Alec Melkonian

    SVP, Sales & Client Services

    Alec entered digital marketing in 1996. One of the boldest engagements he worked on was one of the first monster eCommerce sites, launched in 1998 and highlighted in Cisco's annual report that year and has rebranded a major bank. He has worked on brands such as MSN, Nike, Starbucks, and BMW.

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    Food trucks and healthcare marketing

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  • Alfred Whitehead

    VP Technology

    Alf is responsible for the Systems Administration, Quality Assurance, and Security practices at Klick Health. He brings 8 years of experience in software development and high-performance computing to the Klick team, combining his scientific background with an appreciation of the craft of code-writing to pioneer innovative practices.

    Latest Post – Doing it wrong was the easy choice

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  • Andrew Carreiro

    Senior Web Developer

    Andrew Carreiro is a Senior Web Developer at Klick Health, building new experiences through technology. He has pioneered new systems for Veeva iRep development, built e-learning applications for multinational banks, and designed networked systems for offices and trade shows.

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    iOS 8 & HealthKit: A Developer's Perspective

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  • Andrew Woronowicz

    Director, Business Process & Systems

    Andrew is the Director of Business Process & Systems and a 7-year veteran at Klick health. He is responsible for finding newer, faster and better ways of getting our work done. This focus is largely centered on Genome, our one of a kind intranet, which manages virtually every part of our business.

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    Chatter - Klick's internal social channel

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  • Ari Schaefer

    Group Account Director

    Ari is passionate about using data and research to help understand not just what is happening but why it is happening and leveraging those insights to drive impact for the clients with whom he works. Ari specializes in the development of data-driven cross-channel marketing strategies for sites, services and products.

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    Digital marketers vs. marketers who embrace digital

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  • Arnie Friede

    External Contributor

    Arnie is an occasional contributor to the blog who is Principal at Arnold I. Friede & Associates.

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    A path forward - the FDA, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and social media

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  • Baris Akyurek

    Senior Marketing Analyst

    Baris is a Senior Analyst at Klick Health, tackling data to solve business problems for his clients. He's a Quantified Self devotee, developing forecast models to help achieve his personal running goals. In his spare time, you can find him following the F1 races, hanging with his young son, or running home from the office.

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    “Universal Analytics” a cross-channel solution for digital marketers?

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  • Barry McKelvey

    Director, Project Management

    Over the course of his career, Barry has managed the development of complex back-end solutions to support day-to-day operations for pharmaceutical companies, patient facing incentive and CRM programs, budget conscious white-label solutions to support KOL initiatives, and high quality, design-focused marketing materials.

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    What does successful project management look like?

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  • Ben Song

    Media Planner

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    Google app promotions

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  • Betty Davis

    Group Account Director

    Elizabeth, with a M.Sc. and 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and brings a wealth of scientific and hands-on expertise and knowledge to our clients from both corporate and agency perspectives.

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    Step #2 to compassion in the healthcare industry

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  • Bob Brooks

    EVP, WEGO Health

    Bob Brooks is seasoned new media expert with over 25 years of experience in healthcare. As EVP at WEGO Health, he’s dedicated to empowering Health Activists, while helping life science organizations engage with these integral health advisors. Prior to WEGO Health, Bob was Director of Integrated Marketing at GlaxoSmithKline, where he created interactive patient and physician programs.

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    Patient centricity: vulnerability in marketing

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  • Brad Einarsen

    Director, Digital Insight

    Brad is Klick's Director of Digital Insight, supporting our Strategy, Accounts, and New Business groups to gather, disseminate, and make accessible knowledge about our clients, their products, and the markets in which they operate.

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    The FDA defines accessories

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  • Brian O'Donnell

    EVP, Interactive Services

    With executive management experience in both multinational advertising agencies as well as niche interactive shops, Brian is a respected leader in the digital marketing space. A majority of Brian’s time is now spent building Klick's strategy team.

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    FTC dotcom guidelines follow FDA tacit rules

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  • Cam Bedford

    Cam has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to develop e-business and digital communication strategies. He has led the implementation of online marketing programs, built many informational and transactional websites and integrated a wide range of interactive tools and technologies.

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    Leveraging social media for cause marketing

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  • Chad Davidson

    Group Account Director

    Chad brings over 12 years of digital marketing experience to Klick. He is a strong strategic thinker with deep roots in web technologies. His specialty is developing deep understanding of clients needs, wants and desires and bringing them to life.

    Latest Post

    The power of transparency

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  • Chelsea MacDonald

    Director, Talent Development

    Chelsea MacDonald is the Director, Talent Development at Klick, working with the Strategic Planning team to fill gaps and lead change on our internal business processes.

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    Great places to work: Klick Health

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  • Christin Scarlett Milloy

    Web Developer

    Christin has worked as a Web Developer for Klick Health in Toronto since September 2013. She is a human rights activist and writer, and maintains a blog at

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    Klick Camp and our culture

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  • Clarissa Moodie

    Medical Editor

    Clarissa Moodie was trained as a physician at Queen's University, but went through a large self-reinvention project when she arrived in Toronto and started her residency in family medicine. After careful deliberation, she decided that her life was headed in a different direction as a medical editor at Klick and she has been enjoying herself ever since. Her writing tends towards down-to-earth and accessible pieces with a medical streak. She loves ultimate frisbee, anything food related and has been culturing a recent interest in the NFL. She lives in downtown Toronto with her husband and her cat, Harold.

    Latest Post

    Cultural Differences

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  • D'Arcy Rittich

    Chief Technical Strategist

    D'Arcy focuses on the big picture of Klick Health's approach to technology, working on the technical relationships with our clients, particularly as a liaison to IT and business technology groups, as well as technical application development and technical sales. He is also the lead architect for Genome, our core management system.

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    Love your tools and they'll love you back

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  • Dave deBronkart

    e-Patient Evangelist

    e-Patient Dave deBronkart is a man who was living his normal life, got hit with serious cancer, fought it hard, and has devoted his professional energies to promoting e-Patients as an important part of the medical system.

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    e-Patient Dave deBronkart

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  • Dori Cappola

    VP, Media

    With nearly 15 years media experience Dori brings a unique perspective on bring direct response elements and optimization tactics to the pharmaceutical space. Focusing on marketing mix, Dori works closely with the rest of the media team to bring the best in class solutions, both on and offline to each and every Klick client. At Klick she oversees a host of brands and indication areas.

    Latest Post

    Understanding media fraud

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  • Edwin Lee

    VP, Strategy

    Edwin is VP Strategy at Klick Health, responsible for providing strategic guidance to major healthcare companies on their digital initiatives. He brings almost a decade of digital strategy experience, and has led multi-disciplinary teams on a diverse set of engagements spanning digital strategy & experience design to strategy.

    Latest Post

    A digital prescription for the nonadherence epidemic

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  • Erwin Tumangday

    VP, Business Development

    Erwin has built a track record of developing successful client strategies, and even more successful client relationships. He currently leads Sales and Business Development initiatives with new clients and strategic partners.

    Latest Post

    For CRM platform consolidation you need the 4P's

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  • Fiona McIlraith

    Director, Business Development

    With more than 20 years of experience in marketing and market research, Fiona has experience in data methodologies and the application of data insights to identify and measure effective brand marketing strategies.

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    Data Power²

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  • Franz McNeill-Buettner

    Lead Generator, Marketing Solutions

    Franz is a member of the lead generation team at Klick Health, and works to support Klick's marketing of its own brand through various campaigns. He brings his previous skills in client services and account management, and combines them with his genuine enthusiasm for building relationships and helping clients find solutions that fit their needs.

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    The Klick Health content marketing strategy explained

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  • Glen Webster

    VP, Strategic Planning

    After 19 years, Glen maintain's a management consultant's perspective on the world due to early career experiences with Price Waterhouse and, after his MBA, at Deloitte Consulting. As a generalist at Klick he's always looking for ways to improve efficiency, solve problems, and generally facilitate growth.

    Latest Post

    Klick Town Hall 2011

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  • Glenn Zujew

    Vice President, Creative Services

    Glenn is a 20-year veteran of the new media and health industry. He oversees Klick Health's Creative Services team, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology as well as driving our creative vision and identity. Glenn's team designs and produces interactive communications for the web, intranet/extranet, mobile, and all forms of new media.

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    A culture of high performance fun

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  • Greg Rice

    SVP, Strategy

    Greg has a proven track record in the planning and execution of more than 20 pharma and medical device brand launches on both client and agency side. He started as a pharmacist, then moved to Eli Lilly, positions included CME Management, Brand Marketing, and New Product Planning and finally a country Managing Director at Euro RSCG Life.

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    Think CQI when optimizing your digital campaign

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  • Ilana Schwartz

    Usability Specialist

    Ilana is an artist with a BSc. in biochemistry and 12 years of professional experience in digital. Her fearless enthusiasm brings unique knowledge and creativity to the User Experience Group.

    Latest Post

    Displaying ISI on mobile websites – the challenge of a small screen

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  • Jacqueline Rose

    Media Planner

    Latest Post

    Facebook App Network

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  • James Fehrenbach

    James has spent 20+ years helping organizations find the people they need to meet their business objectives. He brings a deep understanding of the job search process to everything from writing job postings that create a vivid image of the role, to developing the strategy to market those stories to the right people.

    Latest Post

    Digital marketing skills gap: Truth or self-inflicted wound?

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  • Janet Carlson

    CEO of One Eleven Software

    A veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, Janet honed her marketing skills at Parke-Davis, then joined NCI Advertising to create award-winning marketing programs. PharmaCares helps 36 million Americans get the medications they need.

    Latest Post

    PharmaCares™ - How Our Industry Can Give Back

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  • Jay Goldman

    SVP Innovation

    Jay has been providing a human side to technology for nearly fifteen years, as a technologist, strategist, user experience specialist, and visual designer. As Senior Vice President of Innovation, Jay leads our strategic efforts in mobile and social media, product development, and research and insights.

    Latest Post

    Social media first round draft picks - Digital Pharma West

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  • Jillian Mojeski

    Communications Coordinator

    Jillian Mojeski is the Communications Coordinator; responsible for managing PR, media relations, internal communications, corporate social responsibility and supporting the Culture and Engagement team at Klick.

    Latest Post

    Setting the standard of excellence in web development

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  • Joanna Fuke

    VP, Relationship Management

    My passion for data derived and insight driven relationship marketing to drive customer loyalty and business profitable started over 25 years ago when working in financial services where myriad data was available and its use and manipulation to understand and drive deeper brand relationships was being pioneered.

    Latest Post

    How to use loyalty points – a primer

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  • Jonathan Lee

    Digital Strategist

    Jonathan is a digital strategist with over a dozen years of agency experience in creative, technology and production roles. He currently resides in the Bay Area.

    Latest Post

    Top ten insights from Digital Pharma West

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  • Julian Lising

    Senior User Experience Architect

    As a Senior User Experience Architect at Klick Health, Julian's expertise, focus, and passion in crafting and designing intuitive, simple, and relevant digital experiences stems from over 10 years of combined experience in business analysis, and user experience in the financial, telecommunications, and healthcare industry.

    Latest Post

    User Experience guidelines for creating mobile medical apps

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  • Julie Batten

    VP, Strategy - Media

    Julie is a member of the Senior Strategy team at Klick Health, focused on Online Media and Digital. She brings a wealth of experience in search marketing, digital media, and all facets of digital strategy to bear, helping our clients develop innovative digital solutions.

    Latest Post

    Forget traditional TV ads, think online video advertising!

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  • Kate Robinson

    Digital Marketing Analyst

    Kate is a Digital Marketing Analyst at Klick Health, providing data-driven insights that help clients get the most out of their digital marketing programs. Outside of the office, you might find Kate at BMO Field cheering on one of the worst teams in the MLS or pounding the pavement training for her next race.

    Latest Post

    TEDx: The narrowing gap between technology and our health

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  • Keith Liu

    Vice President, Labs

    Keith Liu heads up Klick Labs, the digital innovation group at Klick Health. He is a management professional who has focused on strategic planning, marketing, innovation and development for the last 15 years. During this time, he has worked on brands such as Nike, Sony, United Health Group, Microsoft, Bombardier, Boeing and Starbucks.

    Latest Post

    HealthKit Announced at 2014 WWDC

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  • Klick Wire


    This is the Klick Wire blog account. Here you will find archived versions of all your favorite Klick Wire stories. To get these stories delivered to your inbox every week, use the sign up form at the bottom of this page.

    Latest Post

    The FDA keeps "general wellness" out of its regulatory framework (original Wire story)

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  • Leerom Segal


    Lee is a founding partner at Klick and oversees projects at the executive level to ensure client satisfaction with quality and on-time and on-budget delivery. An accomplished strategist and technologist, Lee is committed to surpassing client expectations and building long-term relationships.

    Latest Post

    Agency Mojo: The Relentless Pursuit of Awesome

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  • Lori Grant


    Lori is responsible for strategic planning based on her 20 years of experience working both on the client and communications side of the business beginning with Merrell Dow, Nordic (now Sanofi-Aventis) and Wyeth then switching to communications, where she worked with LM&P, Euro RSCG, and most recently Sudler & Hennessey.

    Latest Post

    2014 Predictions - the power of data, on steroids

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  • Marc Genesee

    Associate Creative Director

    Marc is a passionate creative branding and communication specialist with close to 10 years experience creating and building globally recognized brands. From coffee, and baby formula to treatments for MS, mental illness and many more, Marc’s hybrid consumer/ healthcare background gives him deep insights.

    Latest Post

    Brainstorm? Why not a conversation-storm?? The power of creative dialogue in the digital world

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  • Mark Hadfield

    VP, Group Account Director

    Mark has been developing innovative online solutions for global brands for over 12 years. His experience spans many verticals and clients including: Pfizer, Novartis, Sony, The Home Depot, Rogers, Microsoft, Kraft, Coca Cola, Ford, and the Royal Bank of Canada.

    Latest Post

    How to make sure your agencies play well together

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  • Mark Langsfeld

    Mark Langsfeld, is the Co-Founder of ListenLogic Health, and occasional contributor to Digital Rx. Mark is an expert in social media and business intelligence. He advises large enterprises on how to manage risk, engage with customers and drive innovation.

    Latest Post

    Making social media listening your competitive advantage

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  • Mark Makuch

    Digital Strategist

    Mark is a Digital Strategist with 14 years of digital marketing experience, 9 of which have been in the healthcare vertical. He has led digital accounts such as Sun Life Financial, Harley Davidson, Bayer Diabetes Care, Purdue Pharma and EpiPen.

    Latest Post

    Three digital ideas for managed care

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  • Meredith Ressi

    President, Manhattan Research

    Meredith is president of Manhattan Research and occasional contributor to Digital Rx. Previous to this position, Meredith was the research team as VP of Research, specializing in consumer and physician eHealth trends and strategy.

    Latest Post

    In 2011 the world changed

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  • Michael Melnick

    Senior Director, User Experience

    Michael Melnick has been with Klick Health for over 8 years and was one of the founding members of the User Experience team at Klick. His passion for designing user-centric digital experiences has manifested itself in numerous industry awards including MM&M Gold and Silver awards.

    Latest Post

    Klick UX power-up: prototypes!

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  • Michael Spitz

    VP, Strategy

    A digital and full-service agency veteran, accomplished writer and presenter, Spitz has edited clinical texts for Cambridge and Parthenon Presses, published a monthly mobile health column on, and often contributes to interactive forums, live panel discussions, and blog posts.

    Latest Post

    Does your social media pass the Turing test?

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  • Michele Perras

    VP, Strategy - Mobile

    As VP Strategy - Mobile, Michele drives mobile and tablet initiatives across Klick Health’s client portfolio, and develops new innovations through Klick’s Mobile Centre of Excellence. Michele has over 10 years of experience working with web and mobile technologies.

    Latest Post

    The (slowly) changing landscape of mobile

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  • Mike Caron

    Technical Explorer

    Latest Post

    Apple Watch: first impressions

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  • Mike Ott

    SEM Specialist

    Mike Ott buys traffic depending on how engaged the user is and what the clients objectives are. For him, it’s all about the end result: when he can produce a profitable campaign for a client. He's been doing SEM for over a decade now and loves that the industry is constantly changing and coming out with new innovations.

    Latest Post

    The FDA and Google Sitelinks: entrapment?

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  • Monica Bellini

    Associate Creative Director

    Latest Post

    Medical apps that empower and engage

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  • Nick Randazzo

    Senior Copywriter

    Nick joined the creative department at Klick in 2013, bringing 8 years of experience in medical communications and advertising. He specializes in developing creative content solidly rooted in evidence-based science, translating complex subject matter into memorable messages that resonate with both professional and consumer audiences.

    Latest Post

    Why words matter

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  • Olga Vorobyova

    Lead Medical Editor

    Olga is a Lead Medical Editor at Klick Health, leading the team in medical quality and regulatory compliance of digital content. Olga's background combines an M.Biotech degree with academic scientific research and pharmaceutical marketing experience.

    Latest Post

    The relentless pursuit of communication

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  • Peter Cheung

    Director, Analytics

    Peter's role as Director of Analytics at Klick Health allows him to focus on unlocking insights from an ever increasing pool of information. Peter's passionate about identifying key opportunities for our clients by asking the right questions and finding creative answers driven by data and sound analytical thinking.

    Latest Post

    Is medium data better than big data?

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  • Peter Flaschner

    VP, Strategy

    Peter is a digital veteran, with 15 years experience in design and strategy. He's passionate about getting to the heart of a problem, finding the human hooks, and crafting amazing experiences. He's a self-confessed nerd with a fascination for what makes people tick, a terrible musician, a decent photographer, and a very proud dad.

    Latest Post

    Agency of today, and of the future

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  • Phil Speed

    Managing Director

    Latest Post

    mHealth and performance support

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  • PJ Stephen

    User Experience Architect

    Associate Creative Director @KlickHealth Toronto • Designer • Illustrator • Future Tech Optimist obsessive about shaping horizon of medicine & prosthetics

    Latest Post

    Remote Usability Testing – Why we love it, and why you will too!

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  • Robert Kadar

    Sr. Director, Client Engagement

    With a wealth of digital healthcare experience, Robert leads the Client Engagement and onboarding process for leading area bio-pharmaceutical organizations. Working closely with the Strategy, Media, Research, and Creative teams, Robert is responsible for orchestrating the initial touch-points between the new client partner and the various Klick Health teams.

    Latest Post

    How the ACA affects you

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  • Ron Zahoruk

    Project Coordinator

    Ron has over 8 years of experience in academic & industrial scientific research, healthcare and project management, and has always been passionate about the pharmaceutical industry. He presently works in Klick Health's Project Management Office, directly involved with some of the firm's largest clients.

    Latest Post

    Noncontact atomic force microscopy

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  • Sharon Virtue

    Search Strategy Lead

    Sharon comes to Klick armed with fifteen years of designing and executing best practice, long term SEM strategies (both SEO and Paid Search) for Fortune 500 clients & large enterprises that include Microsoft, Business Objects, Nikon and Vonage. As Search Strategy Lead, Sharon navigates the Google-centric waters to ensure that Klick clients achieve maximum visibility in the search results.

    Latest Post

    Google now interprets JavaScript

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  • Sheryl Steinberg

    Latest Post

    Klick Health’s Jay Goldman named a 2015 Healthcare Transformer

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  • Simon Smith

    Digital Strategist

    Simon is an original dot-com veteran who's passionate about creating scalable solutions to meaningful problems. A health and technology junky, he's known to read ISIs and program apps in his spare time, when he's not planning strategies to drive our clients' digital success.

    Latest Post

    Marketing to Dr. Watson: Here's how we might use data to influence machines

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  • Steve Willer

    Chief Technical Officer

    Steve has many years of experience developing, designing, and architecting large scale CMS and eCommerce systems. A member of the executive team, he leads all development groups inside Klick Pharma.

    Latest Post

    The new domains are coming - can you protect your brands?

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  • Terri Tu

    Creative Director

    Terri has been bringing to life creative interactive experiences for 11 years. She has worked at leading digital and advertising agencies such as Blast Radius, Critical Mass, and MacLaren McCann. She has been able to bring her art direction expertise and fine art background to brands such as BMW, Starbucks, Electronic Arts, Hasbro, P&G, and Sharpie.

    Latest Post

    The mobile school of design for desktop

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