Technology and Data

The Technology & Data team grounds everything that we do at Klick Health. It is the engine that powers the most advanced systems and the source of insights for the most comprehensive solutions. Having a partner that can deliver the comprehensive digital strategies required to be competitive in the marketplace is all here, in-house at Klick Health.

Areas of Specialty

Our Technology & Data department has over 80 talented team members who have enabled thousands of projects including: brand websites, loyalty platforms, e-commerce solutions, custom applications, enterprise systems, mobile applications, data feed integrations, campaign management tools, business intelligence tools, as well as consolidated web hosting solutions. And in the healthcare industry, it goes without saying that we take privacy and security seriously so we build your systems to comply with all government and industry regulations, often going above and beyond the minimum requirements.

Key Roles:

  • Technical Architects, Application Developers, Web Developers
  • Systems & Networking Specialists, Quality Assurance, Data Specialists

What Makes Us Unique

We have a battle-tested approach to securing the best technical talent in the industry at Klick Health. It’s no small feat to secure a technical role at Klick Health, as you must undergo a multi-layered, multi-stage testing and evaluation process to even be considered as a candidate on the team. In addition, we’re proud of holding industry-leading retention rates within our technical and data departments, which translates to consistency, robustness and highly sophisticated solutions from the brightest minds in the marketplace.

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