Social and Online Media

Reaching and engaging your audience is one of the most critical components of a digital strategy. Without a sound reach and acquisition strategy, even the most promising programs and online destinations are likely to fail in driving tangible business results. An effective social and online media strategy ensures that you reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

Areas of Specialty

Klick Health creates customized digital media strategies based on your brand’s audiences and objectives. As every digital media plan is unique, we have strived to acquire a diverse range of subject matter experts across all types of digital media. Typically a media campaign will leverage the combined skills of several individuals to produce optimal results.

Key Roles:

  • Digital Media Leads, Media Planners
  • Social Media Strategists, Search Marketing Specialists, Media Analysts

What Makes Us Unique

Our Media department is singularly focused on producing measurable results. Our media programs are developed with clearly articulated key performance indicators (KPIs) at the outset of the campaign, and frequently benchmarked throughout its lifecycle. Working in tandem with the Analytics & Optimization department, our proprietary methodologies and tools provide access to real-time campaign performance and facilitate the ability to quickly implement refinements. And as always, the combination of digital and healthcare focus ensures that our social and online media strategies not only leverage the latest tools and technologies in the space, but also ensure compliance is achieved.

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