Mobile and mHealth

Klick Health recognized early on the increasing importance of mobile in the healthcare space. We are already witnessing upwards of 10-15% of traffic coming into your websites via mobile devices and anticipate this will continue to increase. A mobile strategy is not just about creating a single mobile optimized website or a standalone mobile app. Instead, the strategy needs to become a consideration in everything you do. The future is less about mobile as a tactic, and more about mobile as an overlay on all things digital.

Areas of Specialty

In recognizing the importance of mobile, Klick Health has already expanded our Mobile & mHealth department. The current team is comprised of highly focused mobile specialists who all contribute significant hands-on mobile experiences.

Key Roles:

  • Mobile Strategy Leads, Mobile Strategists, Mobile Media Planners

What Makes Us Unique

Although we know the mobile channel is increasingly important, that doesn’t mean you should do all things mobile. Just like all of our departments, the recommendations and approaches that come from our Mobile & mHealth team are truly grounded in data. The prospect of being able to show off a slick mobile app or IVA to your colleagues can sometimes overshadow whether there is a solid business rationale. And if it’s not going to drive measureable results for your brand, we’ll provide you a strong point of view against building it. In fact, we’re happy to turn down mobile projects or steer you in a different direction if we don’t feel confident the mobile solution will work for you.

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