Instructional Design

Our Instructional Design team has extensive experience creating effective learning solutions for a broad range of learning audiences. The team follows a proven development process that is aligned with ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Delivery, and Evaluation) and enhanced with efficiencies such as rapid prototyping and iterative design and development stages. By combining the rigour of research-based instructional strategies, coupled with clearly defined learning objectives and augmented by digital production excellence, Klick Health has built a world class eLearning organization.

Areas of Specialty

The Instructional Design team is no stranger to building learning solutions that span across the entire enterprise. From sales force training programs, to compliance and SOP learning programs, to product launch readiness learning tools, our instructional designers can effectively and efficiently match your real-world training needs with the most effective media types and interface elements to drive results.

Key Roles:

  • Learning Solution Leads, Instructional Designers

What Makes Us Unique

Often times, a learning management system (LMS) will be used as an enterprise tool to enhance employee skills and capabilities. At Klick Health, we take instructional design to the next level by customizing the right learning strategies with the key learning objectives. The output is a highly engaging, customized instructional design solution that is both visually compelling for the end user, and effective at meeting the key learning goals. The customized learning solutions are fully integrated and tested within your existing LMS, and always include detailed release preparation as well as communication plans prior to launch.

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