Great creative has the power to stimulate rational thought, evoke an emotional response, and drive an audience to action. Creative is really about communication – conveying the message in the most relevant and impactful way possible. Even the most compelling value proposition can easily be ignored if it’s not communicated in a way that is meaningful and memorable for the target audience.

Areas of Specialty

Klick Health recognizes the importance of great creative, and places strategic emphasis on securing the best creative talent around. Our Creative team is comprised of individuals that are absolutely passionate about what they do, which is demonstrated by the fantastic work they produce.
Key Roles:

  • Creative Directors, Art Directors, Copywriters
  • Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Flash Developers

What Makes Us Unique

Not only do we focus on hiring great digital talent, we focus on acquiring individuals that bring healthcare experience to the table. This focus enables our team to understand the unique healthcare environment that you operate in, and ensures that the creative we produce is both innovative and impactful. In particular, we work tirelessly to anticipate potential regulatory questions or concerns with our proposed creative, ensuring we enter reviews armed with the appropriate positioning and responses to assuage their concerns.

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