San Diego, October 25 – 28, 2011

This year was our third time attending TEDMED and as always, the content was diverse and interesting. Even with such a broad cross section of speakers, the content generally centered on a few key themes. First, many presentations explored the regulatory challenges which are arguably presenting an obstacle to healthcare reform and innovation. Many speakers offered convincing arguments on the degree to which increased risk aversion is negatively impacting healthy outcomes. A second and equally disconcerting theme that surfaced was the rise of the obesity epidemic and all the associated consequences. Clearly there are some major policy issues that must be explored if we are to improve healthy outcomes moving forward.

On a more positive and uplifting note, there was much discussion around innovative therapies and the enabling role that new technologies can play in helping to enhance intervention techniques. Many focused on unique diagnostic and non-invasive procedures that will be of particular interest within the oncology space.

Likewise, many presentations showcased the potential of big data and its potential to help improve patient understanding and adherence to treatment regimens.

For more information on select presentations, check out our session summaries from presenters including Dean Kamen, Tim O’Reiley, and more:http://www.klick.com/health/blog/2012-top-ten-trends-healthcare-marketing/

To view videos of the presentations, you can check out: http://www.tedmed.com/videos